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Our chef platform on Instagram showcases top talent by Chefs posting globally. Featuring their best plated work as to excite and inspire others. Make sure you tag us with #mymuybuenochefs and we will share the best dishes to our followers.

The my in mymuybueno is about the personal touch, it is not only part of our name but stands for what we are all about and believe in, that each individual matters.

mymuybueno Chef Interviews

In mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal, we interview chefs from all walks of life, from rising stars, to those with Michelin Stars, all around the world.

Every fortnight, we ask the very same questions to each chef, to gain an invaluable insight into what makes each individual tick, what influences them, and what it turn, will absolutely inspire you.

As we build our relationship with these chefs over time, my vision is to invite them to mymuybueno Cookery School to teach and to share their my with you.

Justine Murphy, Principal