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Head Baker and Pastry Chef at St John for twelve years, Justin created the St John Bakery and restaurants’ legendary sourdough bread and doughnuts, and has his own bakery, Bread Ahead, in Borough Market, Old Street, and Westfield Stratford. Justin Gellatly is the co-author, with Fergus Henderson, of Beyond Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking.

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    Justin’s Story

    It was only when I joined Fergus Henderson at St John Restaurant that I really fell in love with baking. Even in my early days as a chef, I always liked cooking ‘nose to tail’, so when an opportunity came along to work at St John, I dived in. Those were the most amazing thirteen years – I found my calling in pastry and baking in the first few months.

    One of the turning points was when I did my first bake at St John. The bread and the crackling of the crust just didn’t stop singing to me. I hung up my chef apron and put on a baker’s one, and never looked back.

    I owe so much to Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver, his partner and co-founder of St John. There were many joyous occasions at St John, but one of my proudest was receiving our first Michelin star when I was Head Baker and Pastry Chef, plus creating the St John doughnut.

    I was also very proud to bake the bread for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

    A few months after leaving St John, a fellow baker, Matthew Jones, called me and told me he had found a site for a bakery in Borough Market and asked whether I would be interested in coming on board. I said ‘hell, yeah’ and Bread Ahead opened in the summer of 2013. I released my doughnuts again to create the Bread Ahead doughnut and they have risen to dizzy heights, featuring in all the best doughnut lists, appearing many times on TV and pretty much selling out every day.

    After just over four years of baking and teaching with my wife Louise at Bread Ahead, we have finished at the bakery and are now massively focused on teaching master classes in real bread and doughnut making in bakery schools throughout the world, as well as running our farm in Devon, UK. I have also put pen to paper a few times, co-authoring ‘Beyond Nose to Tail’ and ‘Complete Nose to Tail’ with Fergus Henderson.

    In 2014, I wrote my first solo book ‘Bread Cake Doughnut Pudding’ to huge success and have just released ‘Baking School: The Bread Ahead Cookbook’ which I co-wrote with my wife Louise and Matthew Jones. With my baking I have gone from beautiful sourdoughs to wonderful flaky croissants, but I will always be known for creating those amazing doughnuts! #pillowsofjoy