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Taught by Guest Chef Mark Tilling who after such a fantastic two days with us last year, we just had to bring him back to our school in Palma de Mallorca for longer, to share all his amazing chocolate and  patisserie skills with you.

Pastry chef and chocolatier Mark Tilling, now working as a consultant chef in the UK for some renowned companies, has had a long career in the pastry and chocolate industry spanning over 25 years. He has three books under his belt and has gained many awards. During the past ten years one of his greatest passions has been teaching at cookery schools all over the UK, Europe and Russia.

Learn all the essential skills and techniques to working with chocolate. You will learn how to temper chocolate to achieve perfect shine and gloss and how you can use this to create stunning chocolate garnishes for all different types of confectionary.


Monday 15th April

  • Tempering chocolate (Bain Marie and mycryo)
  • Decorating of chocolate moulds with cocoa butter in different methods including brushing, splattering, spraying and using low tack acetate to create designs like lines and flowers.
  • Moulded chocolates and snacking bars, filling to include caramel, fruit based jells, fruit-based ganache, infusion tea ganache, pralines and crispy layers.

Tuesday 16th April

  • Chocolate display plates to display chocolates methods to include: woodgrain, Marble, and Polished chocolate effects.
  • Chocolate flowers using paring knifes and dripped petals on acetate
  • Chocolate dipped truffle lollies using truffle shells

Wednesday 17th April

  • Chocolate garnishes for plated deserts and petit gateau including wax seal stamps, feathers, using cocoa butters to make transfer sheet double sided discs and Cigarillos plain marbled and striped.
  • Chocolate petit gateau mousse to be used as plated desserts or as individual with a fruit-based centre, sponge and biscuit base.
  • Chocolate mirror glazes two different types including cocoa powder, and coloured chocolate based

Thursday 18th April

  • Eclairs and choux buns with crumble crackle and glazed topping with cremeux, pralines and crispy layer fillings
  • Layered opera style petit gateau with swiss buttercream and ganache and almond dauquoises filling.

Friday 19th April

  • Elements for plated desserts like bubbles, espuma sponge, gels, fruit couscous using Sosa products.
  • Plating desserts techniques using elements from the weeks class and including turn table sauce decoration and brushing sauce techniques.

  • Asset 1
  • Advanced Level
  • Asset 1
    mymuybueno Cookery School Folder*
    Recipe Sheets
    All Ingredients & Equipment
    Certificate of Attendance
    Tea & Coffee
    Lunch (Platters will be provided by the school)
    All chocolate/pastry made can be taken home

    *New students only

    • Techniques in tempering (working, cooling and storage of chocolate)
    • Gourmet chocolate bars (long multiply filled chocolate bars with cocoa butter techniques)
    • Mini chocolate showpiece (chocolate wood, marble, flower, moulding, polishing chocolate)
    • Chocolate Petit gateau, Mousse, Eclairs, Choux Buns, Layered Cake  (mirror glazed mousses with filling and decorations)
    • Moulded chocolate ( creating individual moulded chocolates )
    • Plated dessert and chocolate decorations ( plating designs, techniques, cigars, feathers, coins, stamps and much more )
    • Elements for plated desserts Bubble, espuma sponge, gels, fruit couscous
    • Plating techniques
    • Chocolate flowers
    • Petit gateau, mousse, eclairs, choux buns, layered cake
    • Truffle lollies
    • Three different edible plates