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mymuybueno Cookery School is delighted to announce two dates for our Guest Pastry Chef Balazs Enzsol who we are flying over to join us at our school in Palma de Mallorca this October to teach his incredible mirror glaze apple, that we have featured on mymuybueno Chefs

Balazs has also created a second dish, just for you, aptly named;  The Sea. Created just for you, all our super yacht chef students. You will even make the special mould yourself on the day, and be able to take that away with you.

Balazs started his pastry career a bit later than usual. He was 33 when he took his first full-time pastry chef de partie position in Tirol, Austria. 3 years later, in 2016, he moved to Barcelona and took the head pastry chef position at Hoja Santa, Albert Adrià’s one-Michelin-starred restaurant. Currently he is working as an international pastry consultant, and holds his masterclasses all around the world.

  • Asset 1
    10:00 - 17:00
  • Advanced Level
  • Asset 1
    mymuybueno Cookery School Folder*
    Recipe Sheets
    All Ingredients & Equipment
    Certificate of Attendance
    Tea & Coffee
    Glass of Wine
    Lunch (Platters will be provided by the school)

    *New students only

    • Salty Cocoa Crumble – Gluten-Free
    • Soft Caramel
    • Crunchy Apple Filling
    • Tanariva Mousse
    • Black Mirror Glaze
    • Chocolate Steam
    • Individual, Customized Mould Making
    • Chocolate Shell Making
    • Cocoa Butter Painting
    • Coconut Mousse
    • Lactose-Free -Yoghurt Ice-Cream
    • Malto-Chocolate Crumble
    • Blueberry Bubble

    • The Black Apple- Tanariva Mousse, Caramel-Apple filling, Cocoa Crumble, Mirror Glaze
    • The Sea- Coconut Mousse, Yoghurt Ice Cream, White Malto Crumble, Blueberry Bubble

    For more information or to book your place click here or you can

    email [email protected] or call (+34) 971720017

    Balazs' Story


    My baking skill was unknown and unreleased until my mid-30s.

    I never thought that I would work as a chef, and not even in my wildest dreams that I would travel around the world spreading my knowledge.


    At high school, I studied economics for 5 years. After graduation I needed a change, so I went to the military academy where I graduated as a sergeant, and I worked as a professional soldier for a year. I loved being a soldier, but I couldn’t see myself doing it for my entire life.


    I realised that economics was my path, so I applied to university and went back to where I had left off 2 years before. I had one year left of my studies, when the turning point in my life arrived. I postponed my studies for one year and went to England to learn the language and earn some good pocket money. At that time I was still planning my life as an office worker in Hungary.


    During this year, in 2004, I landed my first job as a pot washer in Stamford, UK. 3 months later I was preparing the side dishes and vegetables. Another 3 months, and I was already working on the starters section. And it continued from here. I never went back to finish my degree.


    I am a self-taught chef. All my knowledge has come from my colleagues, books and cooking shows. Moving forward in the same way, in 2009 I got my first head chef job – without any chef qualifications.


    In 2013, I got bored of England and I moved to Austria. Because my German skills weren’t great, I had to settle for a chef de partie position. So it was by chance that I landed in a pastry section, which is where I found my true calling.


    I spent 3 years in a ski paradise (in Ischgl, Tirol), baking simple desserts such as strudels, dumplings, kaiserschmarrn and pancakes. I was hungry for more, so I started to self-learn from books and YouTube videos. I was thirsty for knowledge and I was keen to bring my pastry skills to the next level. I needed new challenges and a bigger playground to prove myself.


    In 2015, I got a phone call from Armin Leitgeb – former head chef of Les Amis, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore – offering me a pastry chef job, and it was here that my career reached its turning point. He sent me to France and Singapore, where I could learn about more pastry, and where I met my other ‘mentor’ – Ryan Clift, and the incredible atmosphere of Tippling Club.


    I was amazed by Ryan’s dishes and creativity. The energy that he had around him and his restaurant sucked me in, and made me even more hungry for knowledge. I learned a lot from him, not just about desserts, but cocktails as well. Since then we’ve become really good friends, and usually I visit him once or twice a year in Singapore.

    Through him I made many connections and friendships inBali as well, where I hold classes or pop-up events regularly.


    But back to 2016, when I applied for and became the head pastry chef at Albert Adrià’s Michelin-star restaurant Hoja Santa, in Barcelona – and without any pastry qualifications!


    I had never had the dream of working in a Michelin-star restaurant, and being realistic, I never thought I would have a chance given that I started with pastry so late, and without any qualifications. But I had the opportunity, and I took it, so I could add and cross it off from my bucket list.

    Then after half a year – which was my original plan – it was time to do what I had always wanted.


    In 2017, I decided to follow my dream of having a freelance job, and to become an independent pastry consultant. In the past two years I have been travelling around the globe – from New York to Hong Kong – conducting pastry masterclasses, pop-up events and doing pastry consultations.