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Claire is a MasterChef Professionals finalist, renowned for her inventive combinations of ingredients. Following that, she went on to win the ‘Johnnie Borra Award’ in 2012 to recognise her efforts as a young chef. Since then, Claire has been working in Mallorca as Sous Chef at Zaranda, the only 2 Michelin star restaurant on the Island.|

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    • Brining
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    • Gel
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    • Presentation

    • Crispy Fried Scorpion Fish with Chilli, Mango, Coconut, Thai Sauce & Coriander
    • Slow Cooked Salmon with Cauliflower, Apple, Horseradish, Skin Crisp & Keta Caviar
    • Sorrel Sorbet with Crystallised Black Olive, Yoghurt, Herb Gel & Compressed Apple

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    Claire’s Story

    My cooking comes from the passion I have to create dishs that put a smile on peoples faces. I like to incorperate modern techniques and quirkness to my dishes. I cook dishes from all around the world I use ingredients that inspire me.

    I discovered I had a desire to be in the kitchen and cook at the age of 13, I remember constantly wanting to cook, I would come home from school and be straight in the kitchen cooking and experimenting for me and my brother.

    This lead to me joining a cookery school to gain professional skills, I started part time at the age of 16 in the only one Michelin star restaurant in Birmingham at the time, this is when things changed and excelled my desire for cooking. I was brought into a new world of Cookery, which incorporated art, science and pleasure. I was fascinated by the creativity and art of the plating and creating dishes that not only tasted amazing but also looked visually amazing. I new this was my destiny to be in this level of cuisine.

    From here I went on to working at rising two star Tom Aikens in Chelsea, London. One of my mentors took me aside one day and told me they saw something different in me to the others said ‘I had something special’. This is when I was urged to apply for MasterChef the Professionals, incredibly I was chosen out of thousands of applicants, this was a daunting but exciting time.

    My time on Masterchef was a roller coaster of fun, nerves, excitement, joy and learning, this was a life time experience that propelled me to another level. After the show I went on to run various Pop-up Restaurants around the UK, I spent a year cooking and travelling creating 5 course tasting menus for 25 guests each evening.

    From here I decided I needed a new challenge, when speaking with Michel Roux my mentor on Master Chef he told me about Fernando (restaurant Zaranda). So this lead me to moving to Spain Mallorca and working along side 2 star chef Fernando. I have spent the past 5 years working at Zaranda, I have learnt to speak Spanish I have been lucky to have so many experiences working alongside Fernando, and have travelled around the world cooking with him at various events. To me, he is my mentor and has helped sculpt me as a chef.

    Fernando has always looked after me and we have developed dishes together that I am sure will stay on the menu as classics. These include the famous burrata: I spent many months making mozzarella trying different fresh milks from all over Mallorca and finally we mastered the art and made a delicious fresh burrata.

    So it’s now time for a new chapter, I have taken on a private chef role on a super yacht which will start later this season, and I am thrilled to be able to learn something new and add to my skills.