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Head Chef at Béns d’Avall. Jaume has trained at some of the finest cuisine schools in Barcelona and despite being only 25, he has already ten years of experience working as a chef and pastry maker. ABC Mallorca magazine recently described Jaume as one of the most promising young chefs of the Balearics and we are very excited to share his talent with you, to learn some exceptional new skills.

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    • Brining
    • Emulsion
    • Sous Vide
    • Sauces
    • Purée
    • Sous Vide
    • Filleting Fish
    • Ibizan Stir Fry Rice Style
    • Chocolate Painting
    • Tempered Chocolate
    • Ice Cream
    • Natural Nut Paste
    • Chocolate Figure with 3D Mould
    • Presentation
    • Ganache

    • Slow Temperature Cooked Mackerel with Sóller Red Prawn. Beet Textures, Spring Mushrooms & a Crispy Soil made with 4 Majorcan Spices
    • Ibizian “Bullit de Peix”, Mullet, Saffron Sauce, Toasted Rice, Slow Cooked Potato with Saffron
    • 3D Chocolate Pine Cone, a Toasted Pine Nut Ganache, Green Pine Tree Leaf Ganache, 70% Cocoa Chocolate & Green Pine Cone Ganache, with Cocoa Crumble & Green Pine Tree Ice Cream

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    Jaume’s Story

    My cuisine is based on many emotions and experiences pulled together and combined with a huge respect for tradition. My proposal on my cooking is seasonal, young and daring, creative, surprising and full of pure Balearic flavours and Mallorcan tradition.

    The passion I feel for cooking originated firstly with my grandmother’s recipes (the people of her generation are the authentic masters of Balearic cuisine and certainly Mallorca’s best chefs) then secondly at Béns d’Avall restaurant with my father. Both he and my teacher, Christian Rullán, are responsible for helping me to really appreciate cuisine and develop my passion for good food.

    My story continues at El Olivo Restaurant (Belmond La Residencia) and at Escola Universitària de Sant Pol de Mar, where I learned in more detail about food and beverage management. Following this, I worked at Melià Sitges Hotel, which was a great experience and I learned a lot about restaurant service organisation and dining room attendance. I also continued to expand my education at La Escuela del Gremio de Pastelería in Barcelona (Chocolate Master course) and with academic courses at the Hoffman school. My most recent experience was a session at The Chocolate Academy in Barcelona taught by the notable pastry maker Cedric Grolet (the world’s best pastry chef and the best pastry chef in France).

    Meanwhile, I’ve been working at Béns d’Avall where I have been learning every day from colleagues and friends. However, my most important teacher and mentor is my father, Benet Vicens, who supported me as a chef through the years and gave me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I have spent the last four years working as his sous-chef and now I have stepped forward to be head Chef at Béns d’Avall restaurant.

    My devotion to travelling around the world also happens to be a remarkable source of inspiration. I think it is life’s best school, as it helps you to open your mind and learn a lot from every corner of the world and the magic of cultures from other countries and continents.

    In addition, it is very important for me to run away from the island during the winter to disconnect and come back with my energy recharged. It is also useful to learn from other people. For instance, last year I spent nine months living by myself in New Zealand where I shared incredible moments with people from Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Canada.

    Finally, I want to highlight the importance of our heritage and roots. I think it is crucial to listen to our grandparents, because nobody knows local cuisine and products better than they do. They know the roots of our gastronomic culture. That’s why I keep on learning every day from this heritage, for example by growing under Ancient olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees, apricot trees and many other fruits and vegetables in our family’s orchard in Sóller. All this produce goes straight to our restaurant, where we carefully cook these delicacies.

    This is my philosophy, this is where we are and this is what we work with to make you feel what it is like to be Balearic, through an experience that tries to go a little further than regular cuisine – the experience of going beyond good food and delivering unforgettable memories and emotions.