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An evening with the chefs from Michelin Star restaurant Tickets, enjoy watching the guest chefs get started on your truly special Tickets tapas courses at our guest chef station, before taking your seat to enjoy a 7 course meal prepared by the chefs from Tickets. This truly is the ultimate Chef’s Table, a special once in a lifetime experience for every foodie.

Tickets opened its doors in March 2011 in a space connected to 41o cocktail bar, with independent entrances, while sharing the same space and unit- ed by a corridor. Tickets was born with the aim of paying a tribute to tapas and “tapeo” as a style of life.

Due to the demand of the public, the concept, which was initially conceived as an unpretentious “tapas bar”, became increasingly complex. At Tickets, both contemporary and traditional tapas exist side-by-side to create a unique and enter- taining gastronomic experience in a very informal environment despite the complexity of the elabo- rations.

In 2013, Tickets received a Michelin star and in 2014 landed at the 57th spot on the Restaurant magazine’s list of the best restaurants in the world.

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  • Asset 1
    Spherical Olives


    Tickets Crunchy Pizza

    Avocado and Crab Ravioli

    Potato and Nori Cube

    Crunchy and Spicy Octopus

    Tickets Cheesecake